Hey there! I’m Wil but everyone calls me Hollywood Wil or just Hollywood. Thanks for stopping by to check out my Keto blog.  Whether you are just beginning, a seasoned pro, or just a curious person, I will try to help.  The Hollywood Keto blog will provide tips, recipes, doctor’s facts, and free keto based giveaways.


Growing up, I was not a healthy eater.  It may have been because I was an athlete for most of my life and felt invincible.  But as I got older my metabolism slowed down and I got heavier and heavier.  Then to make matters worse in 2016 I got really sick. So sick that I lost all of my teeth and thought I was going to die.  

During that time all I did was pray – not so much for life – but to make sure my kids were taken care of after I was gone.  In 2017 the doctors said “you’re not going anywhere just yet.”  I knew this meant a second chance at life.  But did I mention that by this time I was a whopping 289 lbs!  

I’ve tried almost every diet known, from Atkins to South Beach. I even tried starving myself by eating one small meal a day.  All had zero success and my patience and hope were wearing thin.

On December 31, 2017 I decided to go out for New Year’s Eve — all 289 lbs of me.  I also wanted to try out my brand new teeth to make sure they were up for the challenge.

That was the last day of my defeatist mindset. 


January 1, 2018 – I was the poster boy of the “New Year, New Me” cliché.  Something inside of me just knew this time would be different…and it was!  I discovered this thing called the Keto Diet and I never looked back.  In fact, 2 weeks into 2018 I booked a September birthday trip to Vegas.  I held myself accountable and worked hard at sticking with keto along with some light cardio at the gym.

By the time September arrived I was down 62 lbs feeling great ready to conquer Las Vegas casinos and pool parties.  I’m 45 years old so it is harder to lose weight and get in shape.  But that does not mean it’s impossible!  

I’ve since gained quite a few pounds due to a back injury.  That injury inspired this Keto blog.  Because once I am healthy, I’m going to take this Keto journey once again and I would love for you to join me!  Let’s lift each other up and hold ourselves accountable for our progress. 

That’s what makes this blog different.  I will answer all emails and have as much contact with you as you would like as we work toward our goals.  I don’t charge money and I don’t need anything in return. 

I do post my favorite products from time to time. Some of them are free and some of them have a cost.  However I don’t expect you to buy everything…or anything for that matter. If it works for you…great!  If it does not work for you…that’s great too!  

Let’s do this ! 

Hollywood Wil