Don’t Restrict Calories When Starting Keto

Calorie Restricting

What we were taught

Most people who diet often think of restricting calories.  Whether it is 1500, 1800, or 2000 calorie limits.  I will say if you are on the keto diet then DO NOT restrict your calories.  Especially when you’re first starting out.  Yes Calories matter, but that’s not the end of the story.

Normally you should take in less calories than what you are burning.  Otherwise the extra calories will store as fat.  Well with keto things are a little different.  Making the transition where your body burns fat instead of insulin (ketosis) my prove a little difficult at first for some people.  Some might be full quickly and some might not feel full at all.

All About the Fat

Keto is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.  The important thing is getting in your fats.  For example 2 tablespoons of butter equates to 22g of fat.  So you see why it will be hard to calorie restrict to a certain amount.  I know we were programmed to think differently about fat but I assure you fat is fuel and good for you.

Butter, cream cheese, mayo, avocados just to name a few are all good fats to have while on the keto diet. Eating foods like these as well as different meats (especially ground beef) will make it look like you are intaking a lot of calories.  That is completely fine because like I said it is about your body burning fat not calories.

Just remember calorie restriction will come naturally over time.  Once your body is in the ketosis state burning fat you will become less hungry.  Which in turn you will eat less and your caloric intake will lower on its own. So hopefully you now understand why we don’t restrict calories when starting keto.

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  1. Interesting. Maybe that’s why I failed the first time I tried Keto. I was starving constantly. I finally gave up and went back to Carbs so I could feel full

  2. Good information. I am in my 4th week and you are so right. I was worried about calories at first, but focused on my macros. My calorie intake has naturally declined without really even focusing on that.

    • I’m very happy you stuck with it and didn’t give up. When I first started it was hard for me but I pushed through as well. Keto on ?❤?

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