Good Keto Beverages

Low-Carb Beverages

They say finding good keto beverages are a challenge.  I honestly don’t think it is, but I always look at labels.  Just take a few seconds check out all labels or scan them in your keto app. With that said here are some good beverages that are keto friendly.

Butter coffee (also known as bulletproof coffee or keto coffee) – I drink coffee daily while starting my day.  Drinking coffee in the morning is great, therefore it’s perfect for the people who are following the keto intermittent fasting.

Unsweetened teas (from green tea to turmeric tea, these pack a ton of health benefits)

Bone broth – This is definitely an acquired taste I drink it hot like a soup personally 🙂

Smoothies – grab some keto friendly ingredients, water, ice and blend blend blend

Low-carb cocktails (in moderation) – Really be careful here 1 drink leads to 3 trust me I know from experience.

Bai antioxidant drinks – Big fan of these and they are only getting bigger.

Mineral/sparkling water 

Plain water

Stevia, erythritol, allulose, and monk fruit are typically the keto-friendly sweeteners recommended on a ketogenic diet. They don’t impact your blood sugar and some, namely stevia and monk fruit, have major benefits for your health.

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