Hollywood Wil’s Taco Bell Keto Review

Hollywood Wil's Taco Bell Keto Review

So this Hollywood Wil’s Taco Bell Keto Review.  I will be informing you of the different menu items and their macros.

I’m not an Expert But..

By no means do I consider myself a keto expert.  I don’t have a medical degree, I am not a licensed nutritionist, nor am I an athletic trainer.  What I do have is a lot of experience (almost 3 years) living the keto lifestyle.  So I do know what works.  Oh did I mention I like to eat out?  Some may think it’s challenging to try and find keto friendly foods at fast food restaurants.  The truth is it isn’t that hard once you have your base down on what to eat and not to eat.  No need to worry because I’ve been to all of the popular chains and I intend blog about them all coming soon.

Let’s Go Taco Bell

Over this last weekend I needed something fast.  I was starving and forgot to thaw something out.  Sunday tacos sounded delish so why not taco bell right?  I know not real Mexican tacos but who doesn’t love taco bell?  The problem is, what do you order.  I ordered quite a few things to see how they taste and what the macros would be.

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It should go without saying that when eating keto-friendly at Taco Bell, that means ordering a bowl and skipping the flour tortilla, taco shell, beans, and rice.  I legit ordered a bunch of inexpensive items and I am here to break down each item for you.

  1. A chicken quesadilla melt, minus the shell, has less than 1 carb per serving.
  2. The beefy Frito burrito (in a bowl, without the Fritos, tortilla and rice), has 3 carbs.
  3. The burrito supreme, without tortilla or beans, costs under $5 even if you upgrade to steak, and contains 5 net carbs.
  4. The grilled chicken burrito supreme version costs the same and has 1 less carb.
  5. The fresco taco ordered with either chicken or beef, is 2 net carbs.
  6. The grilled steak taco, minus the tortilla is 3 net carbs.
  7. The chicken taco, which is the same price as the steak taco but has 4 net carbs.
  8. The chicken power bowl is my absolute favorite keto choice at Taco Bell. There’s got to be at least a pound of food in this.  There’s guacamole, pico de gallo, chicken, sour cream, avocado ranch dressing, and a ton of lettuce.  The whole meal was 5 net carbs.


Notable Mentions

Just to let you know a number of the signature dressings at Taco Bell are low-carb.  So the spicy ranch, avocado ranch and creamy jalapeño sauce, all have just 1 net carb per serving.  The creamy chipotle has zero net carbs. If you like hot sauce with your order, that is just 1 carb per serving (although the sweet chilli sauce has a whopping 8 carbs per serving).  Lastly I would recommends the shredded cheddar or three cheeses, as these also only have 1 net carb each.

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I hope this helps you decide the next time you make a trip to Taco Bell 💪  If you liked my article “Hollywood Wil’s Taco Bell Keto Review” please smash that share button and drop a comment.  Good or bad I read them all 🙂

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