How Do You Know When You Are In Ketosis?

How Do You Know When You Are In Ketosis?

Whether you are new or a seasoned vet with your keto diet, everyone has the same question with anticipation.  Am I in ketosis yet?  Ketosis is when your body reaches the metabolic state of raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues.  Plain and simple it’s when your body begins to burn fat instead if insulin which is key for health and weight loss.  Once you reach ketosis this is a great sign that the keto diet is really working as advertised.

How Ketosis Really Works

Scientist could bore you for hours with long seminars and dissertations on the physics and biology of it all.  I won’t do that here.  I will simplify as much as possible for you.  Especially if you are new to the keto diet.  I’m sure you know this already but if not, your body relies on carbs for the energy that it needs to function properly.  The carbs we consume, break down into what is called a glucose. Glucose is a sugar that is used by the body for fuel.  Any left over glucose we don’t use at that time is stored in my body and it is called glycogen.

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When you start your keto diet, you are eliminating carbs as your source of energy.  That doesn’t mean you are eliminating carbs altogether like some people think.  By doing this you force your body to look for fuel somewhere else.  First the body will look for and use the previously stored glycogen.

After the glycogen is all used then the body starts to burn fat as a secondary source known as ketones.  When this happens you are then entering the state of ketosis.  You will then start to lose weight rather quickly.

Physical Ketosis Signs

There are a couple of ways to determine that you are indeed in ketosis.  First way is to test your blood, urine, or breath for the presence of ketones.  Or you can just go by feel and recognize that you are in ketosis. The main way you can recognize is when you get the keto flu. This happens when your body is searching for carbs and it is not getting the right amount of electrolytes,  But don’t worry, the simple fix for that is to drink more water and add electrolytes, drink sugar free powerade / gatorade or an electrolyte supplement. Try our MCT Oil 

I hope this article helped you understand a little more about ketones and when you are in ketosis.  Thank you for your continued support and if you ever have any questions or request on what to write about please email me.

Keto on my fellow keto goers

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