How To Still Lose Weight During The Long Quarantine Months

How To Still Lose Weight During The Long Quarantine Months

We’ve been on lock down pretty much since the second week of March.  Am I the only one who immediately drove to the grocery for snacks and the liquor store for booze?  I was hoping I was the only one but guess not.  No need to worry about those quarantine pounds we gained.  But how can we still lose weight during the long quarantine months? It’s never too late to lose it and in this article I will show you how.

You’re Not The Only One

I get it we are stuck at home, depressed, worried, unable to see friends or loved ones.  It’s super difficult to cope so we drink and eat it is natural.  I am guilty of that as well.  Now 10 pounds later it was time to make a move.  Yes I followed keto for a long time but I am not ashamed to admit I fell off during the pandemic.  So what did I do?  I dug deep and started to once again change up my diet.

Don’t Eat That

Let’s start with what we shouldn’t be eating, especially while being inactive during this quarantine.

  • Processed foods: processed foods = a lot of additives and artificial ingredients to make them last longer and give them more flavor. Ever notice how much flavor a packaged hot dog has?  Especially when you fry them in butter or cook on the grill.  I want to make this clear I do eat hot dogs on a seldom occasion. However I ate way to many during this quarantine because it was easy and available.  Stay away from easy and available.
  • Alcohol: Yes certain alcohol is keto friendly but I went overboard with the wines and bourbons.  low carbs and calories add up when you are pounding 5 and 6 drinks.  Don’t do that, don’t do what Hollywood Wil did!
  • Refined sugar: refined sugar is unhealthy for many reasons. It’s also not keto friendly AT ALL!  It spikes insulin levels and doesn’t have any nutritional value. It can cause addiction, damage your teeth and hurt your organs as well.
  • Chocolate & Chips: not only these contain a very high amount of refined sugars but they also have quite few additives as well.  With that said I 100% understand the craving of snacks.  I crave them as well.  However I stick to my keto snacks which actually are really tasty. I was pleasantly surprised.

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The Right Thing To Do

Now that we’ve gotten the bad out of the way, exactly what should we be eating?  When it comes to weight loss, keto is definitely the way to go. Once you figure out your macros you are good to go.  Low carb, high (good) fat, moderate protein.  Don’t be afraid to throw in some green like spinach or kale.

It’s easier than you think to add more greens to your meals: have a couple of tomato slices or spinach with your breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Avocado is probably the best thing ever when following the keto diet.  It looks to be high in carbs but also high in fiber so the net carbs are very low.


As you know following this method of eating your body will go back into ketosis.  You will feel full, eat less and most importantly begin to lose weight.  Lastly drink lots of water.  If you’re like me and need flavor in that water you can always use the MIO squirts to add to your water.

I know when following a diet you often hear something called calorie deficit.  You will hear experts say the only way to lose weight is to go into a calorie deficit.  Meaning on a lets say 2000 calorie a day plan you should only eat 1500 to 1800 calories out of 2000 otherwise you won’t lose weight.  Is this correct?  Well yes and no. Let me explain…

When your body reaches ketosis it is no longer burning insulin, it is burning fat so you obviously will begin to lose weight.  Now remember earlier in the article I mentioned that you would feel full after meals and start to eat less?  Well that my friends is where your caloric deficit will come into play.  You won’t even be trying and you still will go into a caloric deficit.  Pretty cool right?

I hope you enjoyed my article “How To Still Lose Weight During The Long Quarantine Months”  Before I go I want to remind everyone that just because we are quarantined doesn’t mean we can’t goo for walks or be active in our own yards.  So keep that in mind when looking to exercise and or maximize our weight loss.  Just remember to be smart and stay safe.

Keto on my Keto goers 🙂

Hollywood Wil


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