My Favorite Keto Snacks Of 2020 To Buy Online

My Favorite Keto Snacks Of 2020

Trying to eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the healthy side isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Especially if you are just starting out.  So having low carb yet delicious snacks on hand to munch on throughout the day is key. These mini indulgences are particularly useful when living that keto lifestyle.


Let’s be honest, there are a ton of low carb food options.  So many brands are overly competing for your money.  We want those snack sized low carb snacks that will deliver on affordability and taste.  We want those chips, cookies, cakes, popcorn, etc.  And we want them to taste the same as the original high carb high sugared products.  With so many keto options out there I’ve decided to taste different brands and let you know which are the best.

Highkey Keto Cookies 

Ok so upon the eye test (visually) I give Highkey an A.  I mean they look really good but looks can be deceiving.  It’s all about the texture and taste right?  The texture of the cookie is solid.  They don’t fall apart when trying to handle them which is a good thing.  So for texture I give them an A.  I tried 3 different flavors – Brownie, Chocolate Chip, and Snickerdoodle.


The brownie was very delicious and tasted like a real brownie.  No crunch nice and soft and a fun size.  There are 12 mini brownie cookies to a package.  With 1 serving size being 6 cookies.  Be careful because they are good enough to keep eating.  So if you are on the keto diet make sure to pay attention to your macros and daily carb intake.

Chocolate Chip

This definitely passed the eye test.  They reminded me of miniature chips ahoy cookies.  They taste good with a hint of buttery almond.  My guess is the almond flour they use to make them.  With that being said here is what I didn’t like.  They crumbled in the bag and even when you picked them up.  They didn’t hold very well so you definitely needed a plate or a napkin. With them crumbling in the bag it was hard for me to figure out what a serving would of been.  


Great tasting and held together just like the brownie.  This tastes like the real thing so I definitely recommend the snickerdoodle.  

HighKey Snacks



Kiss My Keto

First thing I will say is I love the name of the company.  Great for marketing as well.  Kiss My Keto has been around for awhile so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already heard of them.  Kiss My Keto offers more than just keto supplements and snacks.  They also have a full blog to help you maintain the keto lifestyle.  I understand and appreciate your loyalty to my Hollywood-Keto blog.  However you can never learn too much information, especially when it comes to your weight loss and overall health.  So feel free to follow their blog as well as mine 🙂 

Keto Dark Chocolate

These delicious morsels come in a 4 pack.  One pack is very satisfying, especially for an after dinner snack or dessert.  Rich flavor, you can’t really tell it doesn’t have sugar.  I’d also like to mention it is rich in mct oil so these snacks are not just good in taste but in health as well.

Keto Gummies 

Never really liked gummies as a kid.  However following keto as an adult you try to avoid bordom from eating the same things over and over.  I was very confused eating these.  I felt like either a kid or a pot head.  Ok but in all seriousness these are very tasty.  They taste sweet even though there isn’t any sugar in them.  I definitely recommend.

They really have a plethora of products and I suggest you check them out. 

Kiss My Keto


The Keto Box 

I think we can all agree everyone want convenience, affordability, and options without compromising the taste.  The Keto Box is exactly that.  In my opinion the best monthly subscription out there on the keto market.  So many great tasting snack options available all for 1 low monthly price.  keto snack boxes delivered to your front door. Each month, after subscribing, Keto Box will send you a selection of keto-friendly snacks.  This cuts out the hassle of having to hit several different grocery stores for 2 or 3 different snacks. 

Keto Box contains 8 to 11 snacks.  These will be a combination of sweet and savory.  Even though the products vary from month to month, Keto Box state that each item will contain 5 grams of net carbs or less so you can eat whatever you are sent without disrupting ketosis.

Aside from the options one of the best things about the Keto Box is customization.  You can try all the snacks as you go and customize what you like best and receive every month.  To me that was all I needed to hear.  Now I have posted my review on the Keto Box which you can read ==>HERE

The Keto Box


I hope you enjoyed my article and please feel free to comment below good or bad.  Or if you want me to blog about something specific with keto just let me know. 

TTYS my fellow keto goers

Hollywood Wil 



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