My Hollywood Wil Special Should Be On The Starbucks Secret Menu

Growing Up

For as long as I could remember I grew up hating coffee. Both my parents drank enough coffee to sink a battleship.  If you are old like me then you understood the sinking battleship reference. I have always been used to drinking energy drinks.  Especially now that they make so many flavors and are keto friendly.

A friend of mine told me to try iced coffee it isn’t as bitter and you can get flavored syrups to add to the iced coffee. I of course tried it and loved it. Coffee is not a requirement for Keto but it definitely is part of the lifestyle and is extremely beneficial.


Starbucks has always been my go to for hot chocolate, muffins, sandwiches and such (none of those are keto friendly FYI) so I figured I could find or create a Keto friendly iced coffee that still tastes delicious.  Creating the perfect concoction wasn’t easy, especially since I am very fickle with my food and drink.  I am the kind of person who doesn’t like certain foods touching or certain things mixing.

After about a week of thinking and trying different drinks the Hollywood Wil Special was born.  Before I give you the recipe let me just say that the Hollywood Wil Special should be on the menu at every Starbucks and Starbucks Reserve locations.



  • Trenta Iced Coffee (30oz)
  • w/ Heavy Cream
  • 2 Pumps Skinny Mocha
  • 2 Pumps Sugar Free Vanilla

You don’t have the overly bitter taste but also it is not too sweet.  You definitely taste the heavy cream which is good.  Now because I am a blogger and a social media guy I have promoted this drink to no end.  To the point that 6 Starbucks locations recognize this drink by the name Hollywood Wil Special.

I’ve also tried this with iced latte just tell them to substitute heavy cream for the milk.  Cold brew is good as well but I find myself just using all sugar free vanilla pumps instead of mocha.

The only thing I would say is cut the ingredients in half if you get the smaller size.  Not everyone is a 30 oz iced coffee lover.  Besides that let’s share, hashtag and order the Hollywood Wil Special ?

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