Simple Cheeseburger Wrap

Simple Cheeseburger Wrap


Today I made a simple cheeseburger wrap.  However it wasn’t planned and definitely on the fly.  Have you ever just sat there thinking what you’re hungry for but come up with nothing?  Well that was me today.  I took out a couple of store bought bacon and cheddar stuffed burgers to thaw.  Before I realized it was 12:30 in the afternoon and I was hungry.

Game Time

Well it was time to make a move.  I threw the burgers on the stove and then as I flipped them I thought oh why not some sweet onions.  Smelling awesome in my kitchen I was thinking wow lets throw all this goodness in one of my low carb keto wraps.  I didn’t have coffee and creamer today so carbs wise I was good to go.


I threw the burger and fried onions on the wrap and I remembered I had a little of the shredded mozzarella cheese left over.  So why not right?  Now it’s looking even better than ever but I wasn’t done.  Let’s hit it with some spicy yellow mustard!

Final Touches

So let’s recap:  2 burgers (only used 1), pan fried with sauteed onions, plated on top of a low carb wrap.  Oh I almost forgot topped with spicy yellow mustard and mozzarella cheese.  I folded up the wrap like a poorly wrapped burrito.  I had some green keto friendly tomatillo left over so I topped the closed burrito with that and some cheddar for good measure.  Absolutely delicious and I am guessing you want the recipe?


1 or 2 burger patties (I use 73% 27% for the higher fat content)
1 low carb veggie wrap (you can use any flavor wrap you want as long as it is low carb)
himalayan salt(salt to taste)
garlic powder (to taste)
black pepper (to taste)
teaspoon of mozzarella shredded cheese
teaspoon of cheddar shredded cheese
spicy yellow mustard (to your liking)

I hope you enjoyed my simple cheeseburger wrap blog post.  For more recipes, tips, and fun videos make sure you subscribe to my Hollywood Keto blog.  I did create a fun little 1 minute video of this on the fly process.

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