Sugar Intake While On The Keto Diet

Sugar Intake While On The keto Diet

Sugar Intake While On The Keto Diet

I’m guessing you are either currently following the keto diet or considering getting on it?  Either way you’ve undoubtedly heard of the keto diet.  For the few who may not have heard of the keto diet.  It is a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet.  This transformation diet not only helps you lose weight but also has been proven to give you more energy and help fight diabetes.  With that being said there are some aspects of keto that go misunderstood.


Right off the bat let’s discuss carbs.  A lot of people think keto means you can’t have carbs and that is simply just not true.  First you would need to figure out what your daily intake should be.  The daily intake of carbs, protein, and fat is also known as macros.  Your macros is like your bible for the keto diet.  My macros tells me I should not go over 29 carbs per day.  Everyone is different so we all may not have the same macros within our keto diet.


Sugar Intake

So how much sugar are we actually allowed to have while on the keto diet?  I don't know about you but I love a good pastry or an occasional cookie but unfortunately that is a no go.  However there is good news believe it or not.  We can still have cookies and other treats that are made with sugar replacements.  Replacements such as monk fruit sweetener, or erythritol.  Now back to how much sugar do we need?  Experts in the keto field say that we only need enough carbs (as per macros) to keep us in the state of ketosis

As far as treats with the above mentioned sweeteners keep in mind they have carbs.  You will need to monitor that and plan accordingly.  As far as the keto diet goes make sure to stick to your macros and watch the sugar intake so that won't spike your insulin levels and kick you out of ketosis.

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