What is the Keto Diet

I am positive that by now you have heard of the Ketogenic diet, also known as Keto.  The Ketogenic diet (Keto) is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Or if you are like my you look at it as more of a lifestyle and not a diet.

While following this diet (lifestyle) you will learn to replace all of the sugars and starches with high fats such as avocados, fatty meats, butter, and coconut oil.

Don’t worry beginners I don’t expect you to already know everything or anything for that matter.  I will consistently provide you with all the info you need.  If you need more info or have questions you can always email me.  I respond to every single no matter what.

So getting back to the keto basics.  Earlier I mentioned Keto being more of a lifestyle and not just a diet.  We all know you will lose weight but did you know keto helps conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and chronic inflammation?

This is possible through a process called Ketosis.  You reach ketosis by sticking with keto for about a week straight (sometimes sooner).


When in ketosis, your body produces whats called a ketone at an accelerated rate. Ketones are produced within your liver from fat that you eat as well as your own body fat.


Ketosis is when the body does not have enough glucose for energy, so it burns stored fats instead. Your body normally burns glucose so it’s a great thing when your body is burning fat instead.


Some of the other benefits with the keto lifestyle:  higher energy levels, feeling full while eating less, mental clarity, no inflammation, and it should save you money on your grocery bill since you will be eating less.


Macros are your daily caloric intake broken down by fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Your macros will be your blueprint to Keto success.  Carbs should make 5% or less of your caloric intake.  You can calculate your macros through many free apps.  The app I use is called Carb Manager.  There is a free version and  paid version.  I use the free version.

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