Yes Finally a Keto Friendly Ice Cream That Tastes Good

Yes Finally a Keto Friendly Ice Cream That Tastes Good

Yes Finally a Keto Friendly Ice Cream That Tastes Good

Covid-19 hit the entire world.  Even more so here in the United States.  We literally were locked in our homes for over 100 days.  If you were anything like me, all you did was eat ?.  Depending on where you live, not everything is open yet. I’m not really a sweets guy but during this lockdown I was craving ice cream.  I think it was more so out of boredom being in the house with nothing to do.  I mean how much netflix can a person watch?  This is why the keto diet was such a blessing.  Things really could’ve went sideways if not for me being on the keto diet.

Bored or Hunger

I was randomly scrolling facebook when an ad popped up for ice cream.  My eyes got really, my stomach was saying, “yes please.”  While my head was saying, “no way are you crazy?”  Well my stomach won that battle and I clicked on the ad.  Now wait a minute, this says keto ice cream?  I’ve never heard of ice cream with no sugar that doesn’t taste like cold sand.  I’m not going to lie, if the ad wasn’t offering a coupon I probably wouldn’t have given this a second thought.


The Anticipation

The next morning I printed out the coupon and drove to the nearest grocery store.  Parked my car crookedly, strapped on my covid-19 mask and entered the store.  I’m just glad there weren’t any kids or elderly in the store as they might have gotten knocked over that day ?.  Ok I am kidding of course but I was anxious to find this “so called” keto ice cream. (Click Here for my keto recipes and grocery list)

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I Went For It

I purchased the chocolate, and cookies n cream.  $5.99 each but the coupon was a buy one get one ?.  Got home (ice cream in hand) around 11:30 am and decided I was having ice cream for lunch.  Now I didn’t set high expectations because a lot of low carb I’ve found didn’t taste the greatest.

The Conclusion

After the first spoonful I had to check the label again.  I thought that is no way this is only 4 net carbs and it tastes this good!  Checked the label again this time with my reading glasses.  Yes only 4 net carbs no sugar and it tastes amazing! I know this is frowned upon but I ate the entire container.  It’s not the worst thing to do but definitely shouldn’t eat all 4 servings in one sitting.


I’m so glad I was wrong about Rebel and that I listened to my shrinking gut instead of my head.  I 1000% recommend Rebel ice cream.  Oh and no they aren’t paying me to say that.  They probably don’t even know I wrote this article lol.  Rebel is in most grocery stores.  They only have 4 net carbs per serving with 4 servings per container.  (Click Here for my keto recipes and grocery list)

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Keto on my fellow Keto goers

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